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Dear Dimi,
Just wanted to say thanks for showing us your beautiful Santorini your way on May 22nd. I look forward to recommending your services to my clients heading for Santorini and hope to return in the not to distant future. Thanks again
Jacquie Peticolas
Personal Vacation Planner
Direct: (800) 485-9747 (800) 485-9747
Hello Dimitris and Patricia:
Just a short note to thank you for our great tour of Santorini on September 9. I have been in touch with the Buchanans in Atlanta and they enjoyed their tour as well. Patricia, we enjoyed meeting you and seeing your previous home that you have for rent. the lunch was delicious as well. Also Barry took some terrific photos of Santorini and the ones you took of all of us came out great as well. Santorini is beautiful and I can understand why you love living there.
We shall recommend your services to anyone that we know who is traveling to Santorini.
Best regards,
Mary Ann, John, Fran and Barry

We just want to thank you for the excelent tour of the island that you gave us last week.
We will be sure and recomend your company to any friends who may be planning a trip to Santorini.
Thanks again.
Peter McKellar

Thank you very much for your bus service and for Sophia, she was adorable (all the men really loved her!).
Everyone had a wonderful time in Santorini and lunch was wonderful! We all loved the winery and smuggled our wine onboard the ship (they usually take all alcohol and 'hold' onto it until the last night) and had it poolside with pasta and pizza that night!
When I get caught up, I will write a review for the other 400 Cruises Inc agents and the 400 Cruise One agents so hopefully you will get a lot more business.
I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future!
Your Personal Cruise Specialist
Debbie Lipkin, Cruises Inc.
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Dear Dimitrios,
We wanted to thank you so much for our wonderful tour of Santorini. We all had such a terrific time and you taught us so much about the island. We also enjoyed our lunch at the beach so much -- it was the best lunch that we had at any of islands. Our photos were terrific and truly showed your beautiful island, and we now have such great memories.
Please feel free to use us as a reference for your great tours!
Linda Hyde

Hello Dimitris
I had a text form my clients Bowaters & Wingfields - they said you did a fantastic job and they really enjoyed the tour of the island they did with you immensely. Thank you so much!! I will remember you for any other clients I have who need some-one to show them Santorini. Do you know of anyone on Corfu who could do the same sort of thing as the cruise line have cancelled their tour there and they have asked if I know of anyone who can take them on a tour.
Appreciate your help.
Kind regards
Jill Gothard
Bon Voyage Cruises & Travel -

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Hi Patricia,
We all agree that we had the best time with you last week in Santorini than any where else on our cruise! I've attached a few photos for you..... We enjoyed a relaxed, comfortable day seeing the sights with you and loved our lunch away from the crowds in the taverna.
Your vacation rental homes look wonderful, and if we are lucky enough to visit your island again some day, we will contact you! Let me know if you ever decide to come to the US and if you would like to consider trading houses. I can tell you about the area and also send photos of the house.
Thanks again for everything!
Best Regards,
Mary Castiglione

I enjoyed a wonderful day touring Santorini with you in May, with 3 other friends (see photo). I have 4 good friends who are going to be on a Holland America cruise that will stop in Santorini within the next couple of weeks. If possible, they would love to meet you and spend time touring the island. One of them, Janet Brumfield, will contact you with specific dates and times. One of the friends has had recent knee surgery, so the group won't be able to spend as much time walking as we did, especially in Ia. But there is so much to see, I'm sure that they would enjoy a driving tour. I will give them your contact information so they can make arrangements. We are still hoping to come back to Santorini and rent one of your villas....perhaps in 2010!
Best Regards, Mary Castiglione

Hi Dimitris,
My family and I are finally getting back to our normal everyday schedules.
I want to thank you for a wonderful tour of my very favorite port on our cruise in September, 2009.
You made our tour very informative and enjoyable. When we return someday I will make sure I contact you again.
Thank you,
Rita Bietry

Hello Dimitris,
I just wanted to thank you for the tour you provided for Brad and Angelica Moore on September 11th. They were very pleased with all you did for them, as am I.
I am grateful you were available and willing to work with me to arrange a special tour for their honeymoon. I would be happy to be used as a reference any time I could be useful to you.
Thank you again,
Donna Snyder

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Dimitris and happy Santorini tour customersSantorini tour buslunch on Santorini tour

Dear Mr. Nikolaidis:
We would like to thank you for the beautiful tour that you took us in Santorini and the pleasant atmosphere you had created in your tour bus. Professionalisum and politness is very important and you had both. Thank you for your patience when we were late comming back from our walks. We give you a 5 star service standards and will definitely recommend you to freinds and family if the visit Santorini... Our hellos to your daughter.

Just got home and found your e-mail.
First, THANK YOU for a very special day. We all agreed it was the best day of our entire trip.
It was very nice meeting your entire family.
Second, thank you for the credit which I had overlooked. You are a very honest man.
My wife and I hope to get back to Santorini and will call you when we decide we can take the
time for another wonderful vacation.
Again, thank you for a wonderful time.
Best regards.
Lenny & Emily Greenbaum & friends

Thanks for a great tour of Santorini June 4th with Gabrielle. He was delightful. He gave us lots of information about economics, religion, history, viniculture and general fun stuff. I would recommend him to anyone! We certainly saw a lot of the island and his van was clean and comfortable. Give him our thanks!
Patricia Moehlman

Hello Dimitrios,
I just wanted to thank you for providing us with such a fantastic day in Santorini on May 15th ( I think.) Gabrielle was our driver and he was fantastic.We all really enjoyed his infornative trip and his enthusiasm. He showed us far more of Santorini than what we had hoped to see so we were very pleased. So much so that we want to return for a longer stay.Next time we plan to stay for maybe 3 nights if we can find somewhere at a reasonable cost to stay. We are looking at about a year away, would you have any suggestions where 4 adukts could maybe get an apartment? Either in Oia or Thira? Cheap is good for us, a view would be great but as I am a travel agent myself, I am also well aware that cheap and views dont normally go in the same sentence.
Any ideas that you could share. We are flexible on dates but are looking at April 2008.
anne hart

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Hi Dimitris; Hope you remember me Joe Panozzo from Texas. Our group of 6 spent an enjoyable day with you last year off of the Princess ship.We started our Greek tour with your friend Gemma in Athens.Anyway , I Have referred you to a friend Ed Heikkila who will be with you this week or next in SANTORINI. His wife ....Ruth will join him.Please provide him with your usual excellent tour and the restaurant that you took us to down near the water close RED BEACH would be enjoyable as well.. Hope your new home. construction is going well. By the way MR. HEIKKILA is a builder in Houston. Good luck to you and good health as well. Best Regards Joe Panozzo
Hi Dimitris I was just going through all my photos from the trip and they have brought back many great memories. We all had a wonderful time in Santorini and all agree that it was our favourite port. We would love to return some day. Your tour was fabulous and the Greek salad was the best I have ever had (Please thank your cousin!) We are saving our wine for a special night or two when we want to relive our time in Greece! Attached are four photos from our day with you. Thanks again and all the best, Mary Anne

I wanted to thank you for the tour of Santorini a few weeks ago. You were great.
I have written about you and your lovely family on my blog. It's on my website at
Our cruise, if you remember, went to Albania after leaving Santorini. You were surprised. Albania has no tours or help for tourists. You should think about starting a tour business there.
Good luck. Please sent our good wishes to Patricia, Lydia, and Athena.
Hi Dimitris,
Thank you so much for sending my glasses to Venice . Santorini was one of our favourite stops and you made it very memorable for us. We will certainly recommend your company to others. Good luck with your new house and we hope to see you in Victoria one day and we can be your guide.
Kindest Regards,
David and Susan Christie
Victoria , BC , Canada

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Tours of Santoriniview of caldera, santoriniseafood taverna lunch, santorini tour

dimitris, thank you again for the lovely day tour. we had such a wonderful time in greece and especially in santorini. we will certainly share your information with anyone heading that way. thanks again.
chesley krohn

We enjoyed our Santorini tour. Thank you for accommodating the larger group so quickly. I also greatly appreciate you and your driver taking very good care of my parents. When you drove up closer and it was really not allowed, I knew you were very kind and helpful.
We enjoyed all the beautiful photo stops. I would definitely recommend your company. If I knew more about the island ahead of time I would have skipped the winery and spent more time in Oia and the beach. It is just a personal preference as I'm sure many enjoy the winery.
We also appreciate you sharing your knowledge of the area while we were driving. Most of our other tours did this also. We did have one in Naples that was too quiet and I feel it made the tour less enjoyable. Your love of the island is apparent and we loved hearing you tell us the history.
Warm regards,

Just a not to thank you for your excellent service during our recent visit to Santorini. Your guide, Mamen was terrific. We found her knowledge and ifnormation to be thorough. We also can’t thank her enough for her lunch recommendation and getting our grandchildren to a terrific and uncrowded beach, opposite the restaurant. We would not hesitate to use your services again should we return to Santorini and to recommend your company to any who asks.
Thanks again, Stuart Winick & family

Hi this is Tammy.
I went on a tour with 2 other couples in Santorini with your wife during June 5-17 we were on the Oceania cruise line. You will have to tell your wife that I'm the one that called the Octopus Tentacles " Testicles " when they passed the plate around for everyone to try. We were at a restaurant on the water, one that she chose to eat at and she ordered everything for us to try. I have never had squid before and had no idea that the little legs were called Tentacles. I hope she remembers this. The funny thing about it is the people we were with that we joined in on with the tour, the man was a retired minister. He really got a kick of what I said. They wanted me to try them and I said ok a few minutes later and said to pass the Testicles. Then I felt just a little embarrassed. I will never forget this day that is for sure. Memories, that is what it is all about. Just wanted to let your wife know that it was a great tour and I will recommend you to everyone I know. Really enjoyed it. Take care. Please tell your wife hello for me. Hope to see you again some day.

Attached are some pictures we took while in Santorini. We were so very happy to have you as our guide. We also appreciated your taking us to your home. Have you moved into your new one yet? You should know that my sister in law and I picked your tour as our favorite. Thanks for making our tour a very memorable one. The only bad part was that the ship misplaced our wine (the Vinsanto) so we could not enjoy that while looking at our pictures when we returned home. I am sure you and Dimitris will do very well with your business. Diana Reedy